About Travels In Code

My name is Peter Berry and I currently work at realestate.com.au as a lead developer.

Whilst I enjoy producing software on the full stack of the web, I also enjoy writing and thinking about software and computing. I am also interested in user experience, visual design, software architecture, algorithms, code quality, and graphics.

On this website, my aim is to share my experiences. These experiences may relate to how I endeavour to find solutions in code or in software practices. I hope these observations can be perceived as wisdom; there will be some humour here incidentally.

Occasionally I will add some demos of my experiments in algorithms, languages or libaries. The intent of these demos is to increase my understanding for how these pieces of software fit together.

Where to find me

I can be reached by email at nerd@travelsincode.com.

Note: any viewpoints and opinions expressed in the articles on this website are those of Peter Berry and do not, in any way, reflect those of my employer and my colleagues.

What is the blog colour theme about?

The tints and shades of brown present in the appearance of this blog is a tribute to coffee. A wondrous beverage. I probably drink too much of it. I like it black, espresso style. While Melbourne has an extensive caffeinated culture, I wouldn’t say I’m a coffee nerd. I do like my brew to strong and rich with berries - and to make what remains of my hair stand on end.